Anti-MLM YouTubers

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Social media platforms have given rise to more voices within the Anti-MLM movement.

We put together this resource to help you find creators on YouTube. If you prefer to search by company info, check out our playlists here (coming soon). If we’ve missed any, please let us know!

DISCLAIMER: These accounts produce content for entertainment purposes. Their appearance here does not meet our standards of publication, and we do not endorse all views represented in all videos. 

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  • Amanda Mc. – a former Team Beachbody distributor now sharing her many experiences and reactions to MLMs
  • Amber Loves Mystery  – covers some of the interesting “activities” that take place in MLM and all sorts of other mysteries
  • anotherxyz – a ‘museum’ curator of Reddit, finding loads of anti-MLM posts and other content
  • The Antibot – quality, well-produced explainer videos
  • ANTI MLM ANGEL – an exclusively anti-MLM content producer


  • Banana Peppers – a true mixed-bag content producer who dips their toes into various anti-MLM content
  • The Barajas Family – discusses the targeting techniques of MLMs and family lifestyle blogging
  • Becca Milway – a former Team Beachbody, Thrive, Advocare, ItWorks, Younique, Nu Skin distributor (sometimes several separate experiences) sharing insights on these companies
  • Briannah Jewel – a certified personal trainer and nutritionist in training offers her insight into diet and nutrition MLM claims
  • Brianna Simone – a young YouTuber that covers the methods Vector Marketing uses to recruit other high school students her age
  • bodiedbyt – a keto diet enthusiast that has also done a variety of MLM product reviews


  • Carli Vickery – Anti-LuLaRoe and MLM playlist
  • Casey Aonso – covers popular content across YouTube, which ultimately brings her across MLM news
  • Charlotte Dickerson – a former Arbonne representative sharing info and support for those looking for the truth in an MLM experience
  • The Chaotic Life of a Canadian Mom –  shares her experience inside Young Living and Younique
  • The Checkout – Australian sketch comedy consumer affairs show no longer making new content but hosts some great MLM nuggets
  • Cheyenne C – a Finnish YouTuber that has discussed the cult-like nature of pyramid schemes
  • Cruel World Happy Mind – offers a variety of uniquely styled MLM content, calling out bad behaviors and celebrity nonsense


  • Deanna Mims – a former Team Beachbody coach who exposes practices found in MLMs


  • Emily Fine – a former Arbonne distributor sharing make-up tips and info on beauty MLMs


  • The Financial Diet – covers a wide range of financial advice topics, but also has some valuable anti-MLM content
  • The Fox Hole – curates some of the best content from r/antimlm 



  •   Iilluminaughtii – a popular/alternative culture YouTuber who frequently covers deep dives and Reddit stories on MLMs
  • Isabella Lanter – a make-up and lifestyle YouTuber with some dives into MLM content


  • JillianBillion – a sketch comedy YouTuber that shares some hilariously scripted MLM content


  • Kiki Chanel – a make-up artist also producing anti-MLM content has provided many a gateway into the deception found in these companies
  • Kitboga – a long-time scam buster has recently suggested he’ll be producing more anti-MLM content soon
  • Kyla Nicole James – a former Team Beachbody coach sharing her experiences on the team


  • Lauren Del Bianco – a former Monat distributor sharing her thoughts about distributors still in the business
  • LivingLifeWithLiv – a former ItWorks distributor that is beginning to examine MLM structures and claims


  • Mallory May – a former SeneGence (LipSense) distributor with some helpful business advice and awesome houseplant obsession
  • Margaret Angel – a former ItWorks distributor with a tell-me-more style that draws you in
  • Martha Reyes – a former Amway (WWDB) distributor sharing insights on MLMs in general (also in Spanish)
  • Megan ZonaLife – former SeneGence (LipSense) distributor shares her story and anti-MLM insights
  • Meghan O’Connor – offers primarily unboxing content, but also covers some MLM content
  • Melissa Savino – shares her previous MLM experience with Mary Kay
  • Monica Siembieda – small business owner with experience in Beachbody and Mary Kay
  • münecat – a wildly entertaining and thoughtful investigation into many aspects found in MLM and online culture in general


  • Nick Zangl – a rare male only anti-MLM YouTuber sharing his experience with a yet unnamed company
  • Nineties LoveChild – a beauty vlogger that shares her thoughts on MLM beauty products
  • Noble Xenon – an r/antimlm reader account that selects the top content across Reddit subthreads
  • NOT THE GOOD GIRL – a former top Rodan + Fields (as well as two other MLMs) distributor sharing her stories and others



  • Queen – a keeping-it-real ex-hunbot for Scentsy and ItWorks


  •   The Recovering Hunbot – a former Team Beachbody coach who connects MLM practices to other high control groups & conducts loads of interviews


  • Sarah Girl – a former Amway distributor that shares her story of being left with $1 a day to spend after her upline was managing all other expenses
  • Sarah Ottatti – covers the Breakaway Movement and the techniques found for recruiting in Enagic
  • Savannah Marie – a former Limelife / Limelight distributor now “making waves” with unique anti-MLM content
  • Savy Writes Books – an author and small business owner, producing books and plush toys for rescue dogs, often covers authors who prosper off the supposedly attainable dream of passive income 
  • Stormy Dawn – a former Arbonne distributor shares how her mental health was impacted


  • Tiffany Ferg – a self-proclaimed (and in our opinion, well-deserved) internet analyst who has crossed streams with anti-MLM content on occasion


  • Ze, Melody, & Seven – a former Amway distributor couple now dedicated to revealing the truth that goes on in the Worldwide Group (Dream Builders) program

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