Meet Some of Our Contributors

Meet some of our Contributors & Guest Writers.

Abigail DevereauxAbigail Devereaux
Country: United States of America

Abigail Devereaux is a fourth-year PhD student in economics at George Mason University. She has her M.A. degree in mathematics and a B.A. in physics, both from Boston University. She has had little personal experience with MLMs, and became interested in the anti-MLM movement while researching entrepreneurial processes. She is happiest talking about data analytics, tech, and new emerging ways of conducting (legitimate!) business.

View Abigail’s website here.

Country: United Kingdom

Chermaine, better known as Chammy, is a lifestyle blogger and living proof that you can be completely against MLMs but still fall victim to their “glamorous” appeal. She started her blog as a way to advertise and “review” the Younique products she was attempting to flog, but soon found out there was little/no interest in those posts. After seeing friend’s fall victim to the MLM bitchiness she decided enough was enough and dropped them. She also has a hatred for Juice Plus, because it really is a load of crap that people shouldn’t be putting in their bodies!

Read more about Chammy on her website, and find her on Facebook and Twitter.

chris pertChris Pert 
Country: United States of America

NY-based Chris is a juggler, unicyclist, and science-loving inventor. As well as his scam-busting work, he loves nature and music, and brings his veganism and passion for running to @VeganRunCrew as its founder.

Read more about Chris on his website, and find him on Twitter.

Maz CarrahMaz Carrah 
Country: United Kingdom

Joining Elle Beau in speaking out against Younique, comes this new writer to the scene. Inspired by Elle’s #Poonique saga, Maz has given her sword to the cause. As a former Younique presenter, she will do all she can to expose the nonsense behind the makeup posts.

Read more about Maz on her website, and find her on Facebook and Twitter.