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Want to be a guest writer for the #AntiMLMmovement? Contact us through our contact form. Please talk with us first about your idea before sending in a finished article…

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT do link swaps with, sponsored posts or promotional guest posts from, or add resource listings for commercial groups or businesses. We DO NOT RESPOND to email requests to write for us when it’s clear you don’t have a personal or professional interest in MLMs or any experience to share (obviously we get a lot of these, for us to have to say this! Just stop, guys.)

For those of you are still here … here are the details:

Tell your story and help spread the truth. Make sure there’s lots of evidence out there for people researching joining one of these schemes. Make sure that the truth outweighs the propaganda. You can do this in a number of ways:

  1. If you are a keen writer, consider telling your side of things. Either write for us or start your own blog. If you want your story told but don’t want your name revealed, we can post it for you anonymously on this website. Just read our Guest Writer/Contributor Terms and Guidelines below before getting in touch.
  2. Not a writer? Consider giving us a brief rundown of what happened or what information you have so you can go on our database. You never know — you might be needed when a reporter contacts us, looking for people to interview (this happens quite regularly!) .Unfortunately we are often not able to find people who are willing to help, and this means the story doesn’t get written. It would be really useful to have you on our list, along with details of whether you need to anonymous or not. Drop us a message through our contact form.

Submissions guidelines at a glance:

  • Word count: ~1,000 words maximum (if you have a lot to say, though, we can split it into multiple parts)
  • Do not target named individuals
  • We recommend writing anonymously
  • You are welcome to include images, make sure they are at least 1 Mb each
  • Credit your sources
  • Be specific about which company you have experience with, and what effects your involvement had on your life
  • We will edit your work
  • Copyright resides with the Coalition on publication
  • Email your story to

Guest Writer/Contributor Terms and Guidelines

Check our guidelines below to ensure you accept our terms. Please run your idea past us before you spend hours writing. When you’re ready to submit your article to our editors, the easiest way is use our contact form or email Your submission must be in a format that allows us to copy/paste into our WordPress editing program (so, MS Word, text file, RTF, email etc). Check Item 7 below for formatting tips.

  • Once you submit your article, it becomes the property of MLMTruth.orgWe reserve the right to not publish your piece, edit headlines, body copy and anything else that may be considered abusive or derogatory to an individual — there are standards and changes that can and will be enforced if our editors deem it necessary. 
    • We do not allow individual MLM presenters to be targeted or wholly identified  the issue is with what MLM presenters say and do, not what they look like, for instance.
    • As standard, we ensure all names and identifying features are changed to protect identities, unless it is implicitly relevant to the article or available in the public domain (example, celebrities, CEOs of MLM companies etc).
      • Any screenshots you submit must have identifying names and avatars redacted.
      • If you submit screenshots of a conversation thread, use a different colour for each speaker, so the thread can be followed.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, we will publish your story under the author name “Anti-MLM Guest Writer” (we do recommend anonymity in most cases).

Guideline Items

1. Our objective. This website’s aims are to share the truth and lies of the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry, and:

  • to educate everyone about MLM
  • to provide support people who wish to get out of an MLM, or who have loved ones caught up in an MLM, and
  • to help those who have left MLM and need ongoing advice.

Although we are always open to listening to opposing views, if you want to sing the praises of MLM, direct sales, networking marketing or affiliate marketing, then our site is not the platform for your work.

2. Our content’s objective. We want to provide our audience with an honest and alternative viewpoint of MLM, from a wide range of writers, including relatives/friends of those who are involved in MLMs, as well as ex-distributors. Whether you want to share a real experience, an opinion piece on a specific issue, constructive criticism, or a report, we would love to hear your ideas. Angry rants, “settling scores”, vague and unfounded claims/accusations are not what we’re looking for. We encourage you to run your concept by us first, before submitting it. We don’t bite  🙂

3. Credit your sources. If you are going to make a statement about an MLM company, please indicate where you saw this information — from a credible news source. As you can understand, we can’t publish unfounded statements without an adequate form of evidence.

4. Word count. We’re not adhering to a strict word count, but if you have a lengthy article, please split it into parts, and we can publish in in several blog posts. For a guide, typical articles can be 500–1,000 words. Please try be concise and consider overall readability. Online readers often leave long pages before they finish reading, so try not to exceed 1,000 words per article. Put your most important points at the top of your piece.

5. Our linking policy. If you’re kind enough to share your work with us, then of course we will ensure your own (non-commercial) blog and/or social media links are credited appropriately — simply let us know what the addresses are, and we’ll do the rest. We will handle all hyperlinking for you after you have submitted your article draft — as above, please indicate what external links you specifically need us to address. We do not usually link to commercial sites.
For the benefit of our audience, we always to do our utmost to ensure sources and terminologies are sufficiently hyperlinked — in our editing process, we may include internal links (for example, a link to our site’s categories on specific MLMs).  

6. Images. We welcome image submissions with your blog, as long as you have the rights to the image and provide a brief caption and photo credit. In all cases, our editors will ensure your article’s illustrative images are uploaded and arranged in the order you have specified.  Please send files that are at least 1 Mb, and JPEG or PNG.
Images must respect the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of the subject photographed. They must also accurately reflect the subject being discussed and not be misleading. We have access to basic stock images through UnsplashISO Republic, and Canva.comIdentifiable photos of actual MLM distributors and staff will not be published.

7. Style and formatting tips. Our editors will ensure your article is aesthetically formatted, spellchecked etc, before allowing publication to our site. Obviously it’s important for your own unique voice to come through in your article, but as a basic guideline to make our editing process easier, please try to avoid writing in elaborately long sentences, bullet any major points (if applicable), and break up large blocks of text with headings.

8. Double posting. Would you like to your article on to your own blog? Our answer is to go for it — the aims of the anti-MLM movement need to be spread far and wide. The more people it reaches, the more likely we are to provide help to others. However, it’s best for you to post an extract of your article, with a link back to your article on our site, as this is what Google currently prefers (no doubt this will change tomorrow afternoon…).
Have you already written an existing article that you would like us to double post? We can do that for you too, using the ‘post an extract and a link to you’ method — just get in touch and let us know what the article is, so we can decide whether it fits the objectives of our site. 

9. Sensitive intel. If you are a whistleblower, for example someone who used to work at the head office of an MLM as an employee, and have inside intel which is too sensitive for us to publish, you can find out how to put this information out anonymously on a blogging platform such as

Providing you accept our terms, we are looking forward to considering your submission and having you as a part of the #AntiMLMmovement. The easiest way is use our contact form or email

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