Our Allies

Here are some individuals and groups of significant interest. 

They are very much part of the anti-MLM movement, and we mutually support each other’s work.

For ease, all are displayed in alphabetical order (by surname for individuals):

antiMLM on Reddit


Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes are a drain on our society. Its participants either build the pyramid taller, or get squashed by it.”

Visit this sub for rational arguments against the MLM business model, examples of boundary-crossing/predatory relationship abuse, and MLM legal news/developments to name but a few.



We, as a blog, want to empower women. You know what’s best for you. And you can make the best decisions when you’re well informed.

With just a few pieces of information, you can self-evaluate a direct sales opportunity. The Bottlesoup Direct Sales Calculator is designed to help you understand how start up costs, other costs, retail price and commissions work together to provide a profit.”

Mrs Bottlesoup can be found on Twitter.

David Brear



David Brear has been studying, and writing about, the ‘MLM’ phenomenon, and other forms of cultism, since the mid-1990s, when he witnessed members of his family in the north of England undergo sudden radical personality transformations as a result of their becoming involved with ‘Amway.’ One of the central themes of David’s work is that the ugly truth lurking behind the Utopian ‘MLM’ controlling-narrative, has become unthinkable to many people.

On his popular blog, ‘MLM, The American Dream Made Nightmare’, David has tried to cover all aspects of the phenomenon.

David is also the author of the blog ‘The Universal Identifying Characteristics of a Cult‘.



Occasional guest writer Chermaine, better known as Chammy, is a lifestyle blogger and living proof that you can be completely against MLMs but still fall victim to their “glamorous” appeal. She started her blog as a way to advertise and review the Younique products she was attempting to flog. After seeing friends “fall victim to the MLM bitchiness” she decided enough was enough and dropped them. She also has a hatred for Juice Plus, because “it really is a load of crap that people shouldn’t be putting in their bodies!

Connect with Chammy on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. She also has a YouTube Channel, where she shares her anti-MLM opinions.

Dr John Doe


The MLM Syndrome is Dr John Doe’s blog that explores MLM conditioning. Dr Doe is an individual who is concerned with the plague that is known as MLM. He writes about conditions related to the MLMer. He fosters hope and vision for a brighter and healthier future with an emphasis on critical thinking and entertainment. He welcomes friends and foes to post on his blog and hopefully bring about a healthy dialog.

You can contact Dr Doe by email and Google+.

Jon Donnis Ⓥ
jondonnis.co.ukJon Donnis

Best known for his social commentating writing and websites, Greek-Cypriot refugee Jon is also a world-renowned journalist, atheist, vegan, blogger, and photographer. He is the man behind Bad Psychics (@TheBadPsych on Twitter) and the Multi-Level Marketing Exposed blog (@MLMscheme on Twitter).

Follow @JonDonnis on Twitter.

Robert FitzPatrick

pyramid scheme alert

Robert is considered to be a world expert in multi-level marketing and has written a book on the subject, ‘False Profits‘. He has advised Governments, journalists, academics and has been an expert witness in the courts. Pyramid Scheme Alert is a mine of information on individual MLMs, as well as the legalities, ethics and developments in the area.
Follow @PyramidAlert on Twitter.

He is a catalyst and leader in the international effort to end the pervasive fraud in the multi-level marketing business‘.  


Our occasional guest writer, they were a LuLaRoe ‘fashion consultant’ (aka independent distributor) for over a year, and are here to lend an ear to fellow ex-distributors, who want to talk about their #HowLuLaRoeFailed story.

Find them on Facebook, and follow @lularoefail on Twitter and Instagram. They also have a YouTube Channel.

Informed Is Key

This anti-MLMer finds that many people are unaware of what multi-level marketing is, let alone how it truly affects our society. Fed up with the overpriced, unethical, harmful, predatory, body-shaming, relationship-commodifying, financially-irresponsible total scam-of-it-all, she speaks out about the dangers of MLM and other scams in effort to spread awareness to help prevent further reckless involvement.

Connect with @informediskey on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Just Say No To Scams


A new face in the #AntiMLMmovement, they seek to educate, inform and entertain when it comes to all matters anti-MLM.

Find them on Facebook, @justsaynotomlm on Twitter and Instagram.

Le Pampered Pig

A Physician Assistant formulator who’s going to tell it like it is. To Le Pampered Pig, the most meaningless term in the beauty business is “All Natural”. “Have you ever seen a lipstick tree or shampoo bush? Does eye shadow come from your garden? COSMETICS DON’T OCCUR IN NATURE. WE MUST MAKE THEM. WE SYNTHESISE THEM.”

One of her bugbears of the beauty industry is “the outright lies and misinformation about ‘toxic’ cosmetic ingredients. The toxin terrorists are forgetting that women have a brain. I’m here to encourage you to use yours.

Find them on Facebook, @LePamperedPig on Twitter and Instagram.

MLM Confidential

MLM Confidential

Little is known about this mysterious ‘Anonymous of MLM’ website. 

If you have scandalous “too hot to handle” information that we at MLMtruth.org can’t legally publish, these guys will help you to publish it anonymously. This post on their site tells you how.



This ally from the USA was in an MLM peddling legal services for 10 years. After overcoming depression cause by another MLM and watching her family suffer deeply, she began her work as an anti-MLM activist. She exposes them from the religious side and examines why they are so prevalent in churches today. She is working on various projects against MLMs and has made it her life mission to shut them down. Her blog and books are coming soon!

You can connect with her via @MLM_exposed on Twitter, and @mlm_are_going_down on Instagram. You can also drop her a line here: MLMexposed@yahoo.com.

MLM Intelligence


One of our Australian allies! In their words, “MLM-Intel was created because I wanted to use my existing knowledge and skills to help educate, inform and advise consumers and others with a keenness to know, about the scourge that is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I believe MLMs prey on vulnerable people with cult-like insanity for their own financial gain.”

MLM Intel’s site is an open source, collaborative, intelligence-gathering consumer information site, providing research and education on MLMs, and the legislative grey areas they operate in.

MLM Lies Exposed
(Facebook Group)


Run by admin John Evans, this group was initially set up to discuss the false health claims made by Juice Plus reps, but later extended to include all MLMs. John explains: “This is a free speech MLM discussion group. NOT an MLM hate group. We do not allow personal attacks or rep-shaming.”

He aims to have a group where critical and civil discussion can be had between the pro and anti-MLM amongst us. Contact him via anonymous@liesexposed.co.uk.


MommyGyver says: I’m Christina Hinks, the writer behind the snarky, tongue-in-cheek blog, MommyGyver. For the past year, I’ve danced the line of “MLM skeptic” to gain access into the behind the scenes world of MLM to uncover the truth behind the sales pitches and recruiting tactic.

MLM is bad business and needs to be exposed once and for all. I’m here to help make that happen.

You can connect with MommyGyver on Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and on her own blog.

Pearl Information Association


The Pearl Information Association hopes to educate people about the deceptive Pearl Party craze that is sweeping social media.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Pink Truth


Pink Truth was started on July 4, 2006 as “Mary Kay Sucks,” and quickly became the fastest growing and most widely consulted resource for women in and out of Mary Kay Cosmetics. The site has had over 10 million unique visitors since its launch.

In November 2006, the site made the switch to the name “Pink Truth” to signify its commitment to information-sharing about the truth of multi-level marketing companies that prey upon women. The focus has been (and continues to be) Mary Kay Cosmetics, but other pyramid schemes and MLMs are discussed as well.

Connect with  on Twitter, or contact the site owner via pinktruth@gmail.com.

Pink Victim


In Pink Victim‘s words: “What is best in life? To crush MLMs, see them collapse before you, and to hear the lamentations of their uplines.

Connect with @pinkvictim_ on Twitter. They can also be found in discussions on Pink Truth, “the home of facts, opinions and the real story of Mary Kay Cosmetics.”

Pinkwashed Nightmare

Pinkwashed Nightmare

One of our occasional guest writers, Pinkwashed Nightmare says, “My purpose is to help people understand what I did not about multi level marketing. More than the normal lies deception and rah rah is the contract, policies, procedures and more. I will share my experience and knowledge [of Plexus] so others don’t have to endure what I did. I will do that by sharing my personal journey through an MLM nightmare….“.

You can also find her on Facebook, @A_Woman_Scammed on Twitter, and Google+.

Primerica GOD


Primerica GOD uses social media to expose the opportunity facade that is Primerica, the MLM scheme for insurance and financial services. He parodies the manipulating tactics used by Primerica “agents” in the USA and Canada.

Follow  on Twitter.

Pyramid Queen

A member of the anti-MLM movement who parodies MLM-speak. In her words, “I find it therapeutic to have a bit of a joke on Twitter to vent my frustrations with it all.”

Follow @PyramidQween on Twitter.

See You Next Tuesday, Sir


After losing long-term friends and loved ones to the MLM world, who became unrecognisable, a new voice joins the #antiMLMmovement. See You Next Tuesday, Sir is a Marketing Consultant in the real world. She’s all about strategy, planning and truth – “words an MLMer will never understand.”

Connect with @worklifeblogger on Twitter.

Sounds Like MLM But OK


What started off as a Facebook groupto discuss and learn about multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) and their poor business structure, obnoxious marketing practices, and all around awful nature” has now evolved into an exciting podcast series.

Hosted by Katie Young (@MLMRiot)and Sasha Zazzi (@ScamBamTYMaam), they’ll be bringing you “quality snark, expert guest hosts, & damning evidence that will only make you say YIKES…and don’t worry, we won’t harass you to join our team, call you ‘hun’, or imply you need to lose that baby weight.

You can subscribe to the podcast via Spotify, Stitcher, YouTubeiTunesGoogle Play. Connect with them via Facebook@SLMLMbutok on Twitter and Instagram.

Talented Ladies Club

Talented Ladies Club is a magazine-style site that inspires and empowers mothers to pursue their ambitions. After realising how predatory the MLM business model was, and how many mums were losing time, money and hope in schemes, they became enthusiastic anti-MLM investigators and campaigners. A particular article of significance is “The 10 ugly truths MLMs don’t want you to know“.

In addition, they are proud members of Timeless Vie‘s MLM-Free Network.

Connect with them via Facebook@TalentedLadies on Twitter and Instagram.

Timeless Vie


Lovers of makeup, jokes and feminism – long-standing anti-MLM activitists Timeless Vie are spreading the word that this is a feminist issue. Alongside their sister-blog, Bot Watch, they have provided help and support to countless former MLMers (including Elle Beau and Maz Carrah), whilst fending off waves of hun-attacks.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also join their MLM-Free Network.

Unwash Your Brain (Wise Pyramid)
@WisePyramidUnwash Your Brain.jpg

In Wise Pyramid‘s words: “If you take a ‘business opportunity’ and you combine it with cult-like information, you get MLM Marketing. You show the recruits proof that most people fail in MLM, but they ignore it. That is where the cult-like behaviour comes in.

When they ignore facts for beliefs implanted in their minds. This then becomes a matter of perception. How the victims are brainwashed to believe that ‘a bad’ is ‘a good’. One of the primary tools use to change the perception on people are the ‘inspirational quotes’.

It is my theory that if people are questioned on their perception, they would begin to see things from another point of view, and hopefully ‘unwash their brain’. The aim of @WisePyramid is to question these quotes or see them from a more realistic point of view.

Connect with @WisePyramid on Twitter.

Uzzies Uncensored & Amber

Uzzies Amber

Uzzies Uncensored came to be due to several ex-consultants (including Amber) wanting to expose the truth about Usborne Books & More (UBAM), who their CEO Randall White truly is, and how he runs his MLM.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter (@uzziesuncensored & @AmMisty)  and Instagram.

Ethan Vanderbuilt


The Internet’s Most Trusted Scam Buster, long-established Ethan speaks out because scams hurt people. Through his informative website, he offers his opinions on various companies and operations, including MLMs.

You can also find him on YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.

YouniqueAMUA on Reddit


AMUA stands for ‘Amateur Makeup Artists’ and is a sub “where we share the worst of Younique and its minions.” This sub is specifically dedicated to Younique, although they also have “MLM Mondays” to open the discussion further.