Our Allies

Although these folks prefer to operate alone, they are very much part of the anti-MLM movement, and we mutually support each other’s work.

Ethan Vanderbuilt


The Internet’s Most Trusted Scam Buster, long-established Ethan speaks out because scams hurt people. Through his informative website, he offers his opinions on various companies and operations, including MLMs.
You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Jon Donnis Ⓥ

Jon Donnis

Best known for his social commentating writing and websites, Greek-Cypriot refugee Jon is also a world-renowned journalist, atheist, vegan, blogger, and photographer.
Find him on Twitter.

Pearl Information Association


The Pearl Information Association hopes to educate people about the deceptive Pearl Party craze that is sweeping social media.
You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Timeless Vie


Lovers of makeup, jokes and feminism – long-standing anti-MLM activitists Timeless Vie are spreading the word that this is a feminist issue. Alongside their sister-blog, Bot Watch, they have provided help and support to countless former MLMers (including Elle Beau and Maz Carrah), whilst fending off waves of hun-attacks.
Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Uzzies Uncensored & Amber

Uzzies Amber

Uzzies Uncensored came to be due to several ex-consultants (including Amber) wanting to expose the truth about Usborne Books & More (UBAM), who their CEO Randall White truly is, and how he runs his MLM. 
Find them on Facebook, Twitter (@uzziesuncensored & @AmMisty and Instagram.