Elle Beau


Find out more about our coalition member, Elle!
Her MLM of interest is Younique Products.

Elle is a former Younique presenter, who spent a painful 7 months never getting beyond Yellow Status, before seeing the light and calling it quits.

She stumbled across the pages of anti-MLM titans Bot Watch and Timeless Vie, reaching out to them to talk about her experience. They helped her to work through what had happened, and reassured her that the “failure” wasn’t her fault. Following their advice to “write it all down and get it off your chest“, she documented her time with Younique in her #Poonique story.

The more Elle wrote, the more she began to realise what an exploitative business model MLM truly is. Then, she thought of all the other people who have had their lives turned upside down by it, some financially and emotionally ruined by it. It became more than just a bad experience to her – it became a way to help others from making the same mistakes. When the last chapter was written, she realised the anti-MLM work was far from over – there are still people to help, so she continues to spread the word.

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