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They have a general interest in all MLMs.

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Bot Watch started taking an interest in MLMs when a friend joined one and started behaving oddly, telling blatant lies, trying to recruit and making false health claims. This interest developed further on a Mumsnet discussion about MLMs where they discovered the real horror of what was happening in this shady world.

Fast forward two years and Bot is still researching the issues, whilst supporting people who are losing friends and family to these scams. Support is also offered to people stuck in MLMs who are struggling to understand what is happening to them and need help leaving or with an issue within their MLM.

Bot Watch’s aim is to fight the MLM industry to the point where the public see it as a con and know to avoid it. Without a constant  churn of victims, the scam can no longer survive.

Bot’s friend still remains in MLM and out of reach.


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