The Coalition

Welcome to the home of anti-MLM resources!

Who are we?
We are a coalition of anti-MLM writers from across the globe, joined in our mission to expose the truth and lies in the multi-level marketing industry.

Why form a coalition?
We’re united in a common mission, and all of us have varying specialties and knowledge. We realise that when we combine these skills, we can create a dedicated resource page to tackle all MLMs…and most importantly, there is strength in numbers. 😉

We also have a number of respected anti-MLM allies, and strongly recommend the work they do.

Meet the coalition members:


The all-rounders, with vested knowledge in all MLMs.

Bot Watch RobotBot Watch (UK): Our oracle of anti-MLM knowledge, Bot Watch focuses on exposing the deceit behind all MLMs. Appearing many years ago as the sister-blog to
Timeless Vie, Bot’s all-rounder approach gives them the edge when investigating reps’ false claims and deceitful sales tactics. Read more about Bot Watch on their website, and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

EmmaEmma (UK): With her interest in bringing exposure to MLMs across the board, Emma is here to add her voice to the anti-MLM movement. She takes exception to the false health claims made by reps of these cult-like organisations. She is a psychotherapist., and knows her stuff. Emma can be found regularly calling out MLM bullshit on Twitter, and is now on Facebook.


Specialist interest in the company SeneGence (LipSense is their best-known product, but they do heaps more).
Crownless-tinyThe Crownless Princesses: These girls have attitude, but they don’t care! This blog is a place where distributors across the world — both current (but disillusioned) and ex — can share their stories. Plus articles about various aspects of SeneGence’s business practices and issues we’ve come across. 

You can visit their blog here.

Red-Corvette-tinyRed Corvette: Red is a former LipSense/SeneGence distributor. She is passionate about educating people about all MLMs, and helping those who have left to regroup and recover.

You can find her on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest.


Specialist interest in Younique, although there are definite correlations between all MLMs and the tactics of their presenters.
Elle-smallElle Beau (UK): Heading up #TeamPoonique, Elle is a former Younique presenter. After receiving sound advice from anti-MLM titans Timeless Vie and Bot Watch, she was encouraged to write about her experiences in order to help others make an informed decision about joining MLMs.

Read more about Elle on her website, and find her on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and Instagram.