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MLM companies are struggling.

This sentence may bring no sympathy from you, and you may even question if we’ve been hacked,
but hear us out.

For the past several months, as people have been asked to shift their employment options around and explore new areas for earning an income, thousands have responded to those incessant DM messages you get from those involved in MLM companies. These companies are reporting in their quarterly reports, huge growth numbers. But this can only mean one thing…

In order to keep the organization together, even more people must be recruited into the business.

For evidence of this, just look at dōTERRA’s recent Diamond club report that revealed 82% of this quarter’s revenues were derived from new starter kits.

Diamond club earnings
April – July 2020 statistics from dōTERRA’s recent Diamond Club Report call

Things have never been better for these companies, (in the same dōTERRA seminar, leaders were gushing over how this is unprecedented success) but they know there’s an event horizon where this whole scheme collapses. The solutions lies in:

A New Media Strategy

News organizations are also taking a hit in this crisis. Traditional businesses are not employing the same marketing strategies as they had previously, and these companies are desperately in search of a revenue source to replace this budget constraint. Enter MLM companies. MLMs are desperately seeking legitimacy in exchange for a cut of the windfall of revenues they have received from new sign-ups. News organizations have a legitimacy they may be weighing in this difficult time in searching new revenue streams.

This is where we need YOU.

The coalition has drafted an email response to major media outlets in the UK and US. It is essential and crucial they hear from you so you can shift their attention to this problem. Just click the link below and it will direct you to your main email client with an already completed email. You may read through it make adjustments and sign your name at the bottom.

We are the main recipient of the email so we can track how many of them have be sent, we will not be using your information (name and email) for anything other than maintaining a record of this communication. If you’d rather not share this record, we understand, you can simply remove our address in the “To:” address box.

We will close this call to action on August 4, 2020. So please:

Send mail

(Please note, you may receive several bounceback replies once it is sent. We apologize for the clutter.
When specific editor emails could not be found, letter to the editor email accounts were used.)

Spread the word!

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  1. You may want to mention the two most prolific MLMs currently peddling their wares in Facebook, Herbalife and Valentus. You should also send to the HMRC, if these individuals are earning as much as they claim, are they declaring this income?

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