1. Our Owner was teaching people half truths. Forced managers to pay thousands of dollars a month to be managers, new employees going broke, losing cars, losing everything and he I my cared about the agent he was ****ing, took my hard work for granted.

  2. In 2016 I joined Le-Vel. I was in pain and had no energy and although the company doesn’t allow its promoters to make written claims that their products treat chronic health conditions, the reps verbally make those claims in private phone calls. They promise life changing results & financial freedom too. When people are desperate they tend to take hold of just about anything and that’s exactly what I did. It’s a toxic culture. They love you and pour on the affection when you do EXACTLY what they tell you to do and they shame you when you “fail”. They make you feel like you’re weak and stupid. I was Cyber bullied by people who I once considered friends. I met some of them in real life and there was a HUGE disconnect between who they were in social media and who they actually were. It was all so fake and so toxic and I regret ever being involved in it. I allowed it to mold me into a really obnoxious and competitive person for at least 6 months and lost several long term friends during that time. I’m so glad people are speaking out on this subject.

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