Tracking your MLM finances

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We’ve put together this Excel spreadsheet for anyone in an MLM, who would like some help in tracking their business money. If you are really committed to giving it a try, we hope you will track your finances properly, as any professional business owner would.

Your profit, or income, is calculated by adding up all your revenue (money you get from sales to end customers), and subtracting your expenses (money you spend on anything for the business, from the sign-up fee, wholesale products, and printing business cards, to postage, food for parties and the petrol/gas for travel).

This spreadsheet does not calculate anything to with tax. It’s just to give you a general idea of how your business is going.

Keep an eye on that Income column. If it’s constantly showing negative amounts, be alert – you’re losing money. Look at trends, and adjust your expenditure as needs be. Hopefully you will be able to stay in the black!

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  1. Note: MLMs are famous for selling seminars, conferences and books/dvds as “Personal Growth” rather than as business expenses. Their hope is that these expenses won’t be allocated against the “Opportunity” and will simply be absorbed as personal expenses such as learning life skills.

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