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Coalition: Our friends over at the Crownless Princesses put up this post a few weeks ago. Joni Rogers-Kante is the founder of SeneGence, and is revered within the organisation as a great visionary and saviour.

Crownless Princesses:

SeneGence has finally come out with some new packaging. Initially for Limited Edition colours only. About bloody time, it’s gotta be said. (The ShadowSense tubes haven’t been helped any, but show you how bad the old packaging still is.)

Better labels on the left. Original design style on the right.

And yes, it’s an improvement (not hard to achieve). Still doesn’t look like they employed a professional branding company, but hey, we takes what we can gets, eh?

However. This is going around the distributor groups:

Uuuh, not very?

Cult leader status: confirmed ✅

Then there’s this FONT … which is lovely. And costs about £10.

Which looks suspiciously very very similar to the official LipSense ‘logo’:

From the new LipSense label

Well, maybe Joni drew her own version of this font? Traced over the lines? Or maybe their graphic designer did some tweaking of the font to warp it slightly, to come up with the ‘new LipSense logo’. Whatever. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But the whole ‘wet your pants cos our divinely inspired cult leader maybe drew this’ thing is ridiculous. Get a grip.

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