Tales from an Anonymous Younique Whistleblower

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A few weeks ago, we were excited to see the appearance of a new website, that said “…this blog posts insider information about multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. Whistleblowers. We are especially interested in hearing from ex-employees of MLM companies, who know the inside stories…”

Calling themselves MLM Confidential, they seem to style themselves as the ‘Anonymous of MLM’ who mainly want the too-hot-to-handle accounts. 

Much to my delight, it transpires that they have attracted the attention of a Younique ex-employee. When I say ’employee’ I mean someone that was literally employed by Younique, LLC — they were on the payroll, they got paid holidays, they went to work at the head office in Lehi, Utah; they were not a self-employed “independent presenter” selling shite makeup.

These posts have been popping up periodically over the past few weeks. For your viewing pleasure, we have condensed these “Younique Tales” into this handy post, as we’re sure it will come in handy for future reference. We’ve also included a summary of the gist of each message. They appear to vary in length, with some tales being longer than the others. 

Younique Tales by ‘Anonymous’

These were all published in 2018.

  • Younique Tale 01The whistleblower tells us how much it costs to bring the MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE Cream Shadow to market.
  • Younique Tale 02 More importantly, how much does it cost Younique Corporate to bring their Complete Brush Set and Presenter Kit to market? The whistleblower reveals this, and tells us of how much care and detail Younique put into the manufacturing process. Think “minimum quality and maximum markup.”
  • Younique Tale 03 – What’s going on with Younique Corporate’s “big company bonus” that was promised this year? The whistleblower discusses how recent company sales will affect said-bonus.
  • Younique Tale 04 – Younique have an eau du toilette range, don’t you know. So what do Passionately Yours, Me™Dreaming Of You, Me™ and Yours and Only Yours, Me™ consist of?
  • Younique Tale 05 – The whistleblower talks about the TOUCH Pressed Powder Foundation. Did their ‘new’ pressed powder shades actually match their liquid foundation counterparts? Do any of the products contain sunscreen? I think we know the answer.
  • Younique Tale 06 – Here, we learn about Younique’s changing marketing strategy. Apparently, the idea is to “just sell to the Presenters.” Does that mean that this “uplifting, empowering and validating” company will be encouraging their presenters to stockpile?

Presenters are finding that they’re competing with other Presenters to sell junk no one wants to buy.”

(By the way, in August 2019 Coty announced it was selling its controlling stake back to the owners of Younique. A short-lived ‘romance’ of a few years.)

  • Younique Tale 10 – The whistleblower discusses the “tax haven” we know and love as The Younique Foundation. How much of Younique’s sales actually goes to this ‘charity’, and is it “a front to make Younique sound infinitely more philanthropic than it actually is?

    The Haven Retreat [source: http://youniquefoundation.org]
  • Younique Tale 11 – Younique photoshopping their models and product images? Surely not. What are the chances of seeing “an older or overweight Younique employee being used as a model?” And what’s this about the infamous  MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION™ Shadow Palette Anniversary Edition having crooked mirrors? Quality control must be slacking.

You’d better believe that every. single. model Younique uses is Photoshopped within an inch of her life. Retouchers can spend entire days on a single image. Younique also regularly uses its employees as models to save money.

“…For all the extra money you’re paying for a shitty product, you’ll also get less of it. Younique’s products simply don’t last.



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  1. Nooo, I don’t want this shit in my country (Brazil) I was so happy to see that Younique hadn’t set foot here, but it was apparently only a matter of time. :'(

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