Rodan & Fields Unveiled – MLM Police Investigates

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MLM Police đźš”

Most of the time as I’m writing my blog posts, I am researching as I type. So its like were all learning at the same time! EKKKKKKKKKKK huns!

Before diving into this blog post, here is what i previously knew about Rodan & Fields (It’s not much) :

  • They sell “dermatologist tested” products
  • They have a really expensive eye lash serum that is known for causing eye infections/sty’s.
  • The consultants think their dermatologists/doctors.
  • They’re full of so much shit, just like every other MLM out there.

So, whats the difference between R/F and every other MLM?


We’re about to find out, butter cups!!

Rodan & Fields

To become an Independent Consultant all you need is $45, and have absolutely zero dignity left.

The two founders are “world renowned dermatologists” apparently. Lets see about that…

  • Hmmm. Either Google is broken or Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields ARE FUCKING LIARS.

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