Observations From a Concerned Friend: Magda Needs Saving From The Y-Life

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Many followers have been kind enough to contact me to share their experiences with MLMs – check out my Guest Post section to read their accounts. This tale, however, is a little different.

Today, I am sharing this saga from “Lillie” [not her real name]. Lillie is a frustrated friend who wishes to discuss her observations of Magda, a stay-at-home-mother who is truly besotted with the Y-life.

Its important for more people to speak out – you could help someone else from losing money, friends and dignity (and eventually bring about the demise of MLM – here’s to hoping!). Your anonymity is always guaranteed.

Take it away, Lillie.

cropped-mlm.jpg[Lillie:] “…This will very likely turn into a rant, sorry, Elle. It all began about a year ago, when my friend Magda (30) posted to Facebook that she was “deleting the app from her phone“. She wanted to “try and attempt doing other things beside stare at my phone all day, mindlessly scrolling.” She seemed to be doing pretty well…until she joined Younique a few months later.

t tho oprah meme

Thing is, Magda didn’t even really wear makeup; she admitted in one of her (many) Facebook-live videos that prior to joining Younique, she “basically used mascara and occasionally some blush that her Mom forced her to get in high school“.

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