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[Elle:] The members of the Anti-MLM Coalition joined together to expose the truth and lies in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. As well as a number of anti-MLM allies, we also recognise the work of those who have been tirelessly spreading the word on their chosen MLMs of interest, often long before our group was formed.

We created this website with the aim of being a useful resource page for all things anti-MLM. We’re united in a common mission, with a variety of specialities and knowledge.

Does Plexus Worldwide ring a bell with anyone? Here’s a brief overview of this multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme (with credit to one of our new collaborators, Pinkwashed Nightmare). 

[Source:] PlexusWorldwide.com

Pinkwashed Nightmare

[Pink:] Hello all. My purpose is to help others do their “due diligence” so they don’t get scammed by this ‘Pink Drink‘ MLM like I did!

Plexus Worldwide is a Scottsdale, AZ-based MLM company that markets nutritional ‘wellness’ supplements as well as weight management and personal care products. Plexus recruits independent distributors (typically referred to by the firm as “Ambassadors”) to sell the products using the MLM/direct sales method. 

Tarl Robinson is CEO (more information about him can be found here.

Tarl Robinson
[Source:] Tarl Robinson’s LinkedIn profile
Plexus has recently redone their website and marketing but when I joined, and for three years following, it was marketed as a company who had “the number 1 weight loss combination on the market” – Plexus Slim and Plexus Accelerator.  It is now called weight management

My issue with Plexus was that, along with other things, the product I based my decision to join this company on no longer existed and the cover up was massive (unfortunately, due to legalities, I am unable to post my most damning findings on the cover-up and lies). 

[Source:] PlexusWorldwide.com
A month after joining this company (Nov 2013), the talk began to change from “drink pink and shrink” to “be plexus, be healthy” – a little visual for your viewing pleasure here.

The health claims made by the company and ambassadors landed them in hot water with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2014 and Truth In Advertising exposed them in 2016 (TIA). 


Plexus Worldwide remains under investigation by both the FDA and TIA.

Connect with Pinkwashed Nightmare

Pinkwashed NightmareMy Pinkwashed Nightmare began with a phone call from me to a ‘highly recommended’ Plexus ‘Diamond Ambassador’. I began asking questions when every product I sold was returned or people never reordered. NEVER in my 35 year working career have I experienced a company as ignorant, unprofessional, lackadaisical and unethical as Plexus Worldwide. My heart just wants to keep others from making the mistake I did.

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If you have a Plexus experience you would like to share, please contact pinkdrinkscam@gmail.com.

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