Juice Plus Review: Does it Work?

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Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m a serial dieter, I yo-yo and I’m always looking for the next quick fix. I’ve tried a variety of fad diets since I was in my early teens and obviously the fact that I’m still overweight and dieting proves that I’m never 100% successful in what I do. The latest one I gave a whirl was Juice Plus.

juice plus

What Is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus is a meal replacement diet that sees you replacing two meals with their shakes, soups or bars which is then accompanied by a meal and two snacks in the day. Unlike most meal replacement diets I’ve tried (and there are a few) you have to give up a rather large selection of foods including dairy and wheat, the products only come in a couple of flavours but they are cheaper; the basic package is £32 a month but will last you longer (you need less powder in your shakes than the recommended serving). Juice Plus also do a range of fruit, veg and berry supplements.

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