Juice Plus Boosters: Do They Really Work?

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So January 1st hits and the usual “lose weight, feel great” posts started popping up everywhere including the brand new, always sold out AMAZING Juice Plus Boosters. I was seeing posts from the multiple reps on my Facebook feed showing these fantastic results from taking a few of these sachets each day and after giving the shakes a go (see my post HERE) I thought “why not”. Here is my honest Juice Plus Boosters Review.

Juice Plus Boosters

What are Juice Plus Boosters?

Juice Plus Boosters claim to stop up to 25% of your consumed fat from being absorbed into the body, fill you up and curb your hunger pangs. The ingredients are:

Oil emulsion (dried corn syrup, palm oil, oat oil, glucomannan (33%), fructose, flavouring (multi-fruit), green tea extract (3.3%), stabiliser (sodium polyphosphate), flavouring, caffeine.

In each sachet, there is 1.0g of glucomannan and 9mg of caffeine.

They are not recommended for children or pregnant women due to the caffeine content.

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