A Latter-Day Saints member fighting MLMs for the Mormon community

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Elle Twitter[Elle:] I am so glad to welcome “A Little Kotori” to the anti-MLM fight, first speaking to her after she read my #Poonique tale. Her name means “bird of luck” in Japanese. She is a Latina living in the US-state of Utah, which is unofficially regarded as both “MLM country” and “Mormon country“, and is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Kotori wants to positively represent her religion, all while being part of our anti-MLM movement. Please give her a warm welcome, and read her following thoughts on living in an area where MLMs are widespread, and her religion is almost always tied-in with this awful business model.

Take it away, Kotori.

[Kotori:] Thanks, Elle. I’m so happy to be a part of the fight against MLMs.

I was born and raised in Washington State and am a Latina, because of my Brazilian heritage. I went to Brigham Young University to study journalism. I’ve had experiences writing about local politics and writing in-depth stories both for the student newspaper and for a national paper.

In case my university (and Elle’s introduction) didn’t already give it away, I am indeed a Latter-day Saint (commonly known as “Mormon”) and I am living in Utah while my husband finishes engineering school. Because I live in Utah, it seems as if I am constantly bombarded by MLMs, whether directly or indirectly. I’ve never been fond of the “Utah-Mormon” culture, but until my husband finishes school, I’m stuck here.

I live not only in the same state but in the same COUNTY as the corporate offices of multi-level marketing firms. Just to name a few, I live within a 20-30 min radius of Nu Skin, doTERRA, Young Living, Thrive Life, Younique, and probably dozens of other MLMs that I am unaware of.

Younique Corporate Head Office HQ
[Source:] Younique Corporate HQ – stackwithus.com
I have the misfortune of seeing how MLMs affect the daily lives of Utah residents, whether they’re in the ‘hunlife’ or working at the MLM call centers. I drive by these corporate offices on an almost daily basis. I see how these companies affect Utah, whether the company sponsors a college football team or adopts a section of the highway. Some of these companies (doTERRA and Nu Skin) lobby for local politicians.

[Source:] doTERRA.com
Unsurprisingly, since I am looking for a job right now, I see both “job postings” from hunbots and corporate offices for MLMs. While I hunt for a job, I will be writing about my experiences here about MLMs and how they affect everyone, directly and indirectly.

For my friends across the pond, you have probably noticed the link between MLMs and Utah/Mormons. You may be interested to check out these articles by Timeless Vie:

As a Mormon who is strongly opposed to the MLM business model, I hope to reach out to fellow Mormons and other religious peoples who fall for these schemes. I also hope that my writing will build a bridge between me and my readers through my personal experience and the experiences of others.

Welcome to Utah
[Source:] 8 Things To Be Aware Of In Utah – theodysseyonline.com
I am a strong advocate for religious freedom. Education is key to understanding other religious backgrounds. I hope that my LDS background will help you understand why so many Mormons and other religious peoples fall prey to these MLM “get-rich-quick” traps. I believe that my experiences as an investigative reporter, Utah resident, and Mormon will be a valuable asset in the war against MLMs.

~ Kotori

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