A treacherous path with SeneGence

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Madison Colleen*, an ex-SeneGence distributor in America, has kindly offered to share her story with us. SeneGence is the MLM company that produces LipSense, as well as a wide range of skin care and other cosmetics. She joined in 2010, a lot earlier than most current distributors, so she has a really unique perspective on the company, and how it has performed over the last seven years.

When did you join SeneGence, and why did you decide to join?

Madison: I joined SeneGence in September 2010. I joined because a co-worker had begun selling the products, and was always doing videos, posting them on Facebook, and talking about them at work. However, I did not sign up with her, because I saw how pushy she was with people at work, trying to get them to place their orders every month, and trying to get everyone else at work to sign up. Everyone that wanted to buy products from her, she coerced them to sign up instead of just selling them the products they wanted.

I did not want that to happen to me as well, so I stalked around and found another lady in town who also was a distributor. I set up an appointment with her to sample some of the lip products. I went in to buy a couple of products with no intention of joining.

An hour later, I had a full makeover, was loaded down with the entire line of skin care and cosmetics from her stock, was signed up as a distributor, and had already placed my first order of everything used on my face to replace this lady’s products that she so generously let me get in advance. Plus she “helped” me order a few more products that we didn’t try, but she just knew I was going to love and would be kicking myself tomorrow that I didn’t go ahead and order the products, now that I had placed a big enough order to get it at 50% off.

I ordered over $1,000 worth of products that day, and all I went in for was a couple of lipsticks. Funny thing is, I didn’t buy from my co-worker because I didn’t want to be pressured into signing up, and here I was now with all this product and signed up “for personal use”. She assured me she would never pressure me to sell, even though she knew I would be a natural at it because I knew makeup. She could tell I was passionate about skin care, and she knew after I used this for a week I would want to share this with all of my friends — but, no pressure.

Wow! So, how did you feel in the weeks after joining? Did you start selling as well?

I had buyer’s remorse for sure. I was feeling really bad about signing up, but told myself that I was just going to buy for personal use. My upline was very persuasive. She would call me and tell me what big savings I could get if I just sold a couple hundred dollars’ worth every month, then I could buy my products for free, basically. And she would help me with parties and demos.

She had also talked me into buying the big demo kit for $275, telling me that I could sell whichever products I didn’t use myself. She also talked me into placing a big enough order to get my Fast Start kits, to give me even more free products.

I was so gullible. I wasn’t really looking at what the products were, I was just looking at FREE. And at the time, I did love the products. So, by now I had spent another $1,500, and over half the products I would never use. There were colors I wouldn’t wear, and skin care that wasn’t for my skin type.

So, after about six months, I decided to try to sell some of these products to get rid of the stock. I had a demo party, and invited about ten ladies. I held the party in the training center, which I had to pay to rent. My upline was there and totally took over the party. She was very good at selling products to these women. Since I had limited stock, she filled the orders out of her stock, and I had to place yet another order to replace all of the sales she made out of her stock.

By now, I was overwhelmed with this business. I was being pushed into sales when I never wanted to sell. I didn’t sign up under my friend because I didn’t want to ruin a friendship over stuff like this, and here I was, falling right into what I never wanted to be in.

My upline then talked me into becoming part of Jewel’s Royal Princesses* (JRP), where they would teach us newbies how to sell, and how to be successful. That’s when I became part of the cult of JRP hun bots. Every distributor within 100 miles was in the group. I paid my $50-a-month dues for them to teach me how to gently force my products on unsuspecting women, how to make videos that would make women want to buy, and how to deceive women into thinking my products could give you the same results as the Botox and Juvéderm that over half of these SeneBots were getting done. I hated it because I hate being misled or deceived, and cannot do that to others, but I knew I had all this product to move. So, I modified the training I received, to leave out the deceitful parts. I often got in trouble for saying that my smooth forehead was from Botox and not SeneGence’s wrinkle cream, and that no, their Lip Volumizer did not plump my lips. I was told to say it had helped tremendously. But I struggled to do videos and makeovers and sell it, for the next three years.

That all sounds horribly stressful. What was the tipping point for you? Was it a particular incident, or a gradual build-up of things?

It was a build-up. By year four, I had $5,000 on my credit card that I only used for SeneGence. I did an inventory, and I had over $4,000 worth of products just sitting there, and I hadn’t made any decent sales, other than a $50 sale here and there. But I was constantly being pressured to place orders, post more videos, host more parties etc. I was working a full-time job. Every weekend I was doing a stall at craft shows (which cost money, and I rarely made enough money to even cover the booth rental), or doing private parties that no one came to — or they would come to get the free samples and the door prizes, but not buy anything. I was also out of pocket for the refreshments for the parties, not to mention the time to do them.

I began to resent the company and their way of doing things.

My upline and Crown Princess were constantly telling us if we weren’t selling it, was our own fault, because the products sell themselves if we just tried harder.

But frankly, I got tired of looking like a trashy person with my arms painted up with products, accosting women I didn’t know in bathrooms and malls or airports. I got disillusioned. I started having sales, with greater than 15% discounts (which is the most allowed by the company), and got reported to SeneGence’s Compliance Department. After the third letter from Compliance I told Kelly in Compliance I was done, and told her to terminate me. And I quit that day.

That must have been a massive relief to you! As you were in for so long, and are aware of what SeneGence is saying nowadays, what things have really not changed at all since you joined, despite what they’ve promised? And which things have actually improved, if anything?

Madison: Nothing has changed for the better. It is declining, not improving. When I signed up, it was a “start-up company” [SeneGence was started in 1999, so by 2010, it had actually been running for 11 years] — so I was getting in on the “ground floor”. Supposedly.

It makes me chuckle to have the new girls say this nowadays, and then to defend it, because now it really IS on the ground floor and is fixing to explode.

The website has been “being redesigned”, to my knowledge, since 2010. It is still the exact same website that it was back then, with the same glitches and knock outs.

They still release new products one at a time to ensure you place a big enough order to get your percentage off, and then a few days later they will release another so you have to place yet another order to get it. Or they will release one day around the 25th of the month, then the next one on the 1st of the month with a limited amount of stock, so there will be an order frenzy — and then then cut it off for a few days to incite a panic — then release it again!

They have been doing this tactic from the beginning of time, according to another lady I know, who got out before I got in.

The quality of products has suffered tremendously since I joined. The foundation is not the same shade — for example, even though it says Porcelain on the bottle, it is more the same color as Cream Beige. (I wear Porcelain, and I had to stop, because of the color change, plus it made my skin itch and burn when I wore the newer formula ). I couldn’t wear the Advanced Anti-Aging formula foundation at all.

The LipSense lip colors could not be counted on to be the same color as before. (Mauve Ice is the best comparison. Every order it was a different color).

The packaging bottles are smaller now, and the prices went up by $5–10 apiece, even though they said it was the same amount in the bottle. The tubes that the lips used to be packaged in were stronger or more durable in the past than the current ones. These new ones tend to break easier, and the wand doesn’t screw on as tight allowing product to leak more easily in your makeup bag or purse.

A bottle of Anti-Wrinkle Treatment used to last me three months, but the newer bottles only lasted one-and-a-half to two months. And Climate Control went from feeling silky smooth, to oily and slick.

I have bought every new LipSense color that has come out on the market since I quit, except the purples and black. I have been so disappointed with the quality and taste. They have a taste that none of my colors I bought during my five years as a distributor had. They are so thick, and streak when you put them on, even after scraping off the wand. I am not a fan of any of the new shades except Sassy Z and Goddess. Those two I like. I hate Espresso, Hazelnut and Glam Doll — and I love brown colors as a rule. These ones are hard to work with. With the thicker formulas of lip colors, it is also harder to shake up or mix the colors.

Wow, that’s really disappointing, isn’t it .

What would you say to anyone who is considering joining, or who is a struggling distributor?

I would say don’t go into it thinking you are going to be making mega bucks in a month or two. Most importantly, if you don’t have a couple of thousand dollars of start-up money to put into it that you won’t miss, then don’t do it. If you are wanting this to be your business, it’s more than just buying stock. You need business cards, advertising, packaging bags, tester wands, makeup brushes, sponges etc for demo parties, refreshments for parties, time away from your own family for parties and so on.

You also have to recruit people to be in your downline in order for you to make money, and then you have to make time to train them and help them with their training. You really don’t make money from their sales, but from the team they are building up, and what they order. That was not explained to me up-front, since I was not interested in sales. And my upline was only interested in building her team and encouraging us to order. I found out the hard way.

Even though I sold some, I didn’t have anyone on my downline, so I didn’t make any money. After I asked a few other people on other teams how they made money, they explained it to me. Then I stooped to the level of tricking women to sign up to get savings for themselves. But even then, with them placing $500 orders, I was only getting like $10 credit. It was not worth the guilt I was feeling for coercing them into joining. After their initial orders, I never pressured them again to place an order.

I would also advise women to treat every aspect as a proper job. Keep a log of every minute you spend online marketing your business, making videos, sending emails trying to recruit people, doing live WebEx, and anything you are doing SeneGence-related, like packing up orders, or planning and running parties. Keep a tab of every penny you are spending on party stuff, such as party favors, hostess gifts, make up brushes, pallets, sponges, refreshments, gas for your car, as well as stock orders. Then decide on an hourly wage, what you would charge an employer for your services if you hired yourself out. Then use those numbers, along with your sales, and see if you are actually in the black or red at the end of the week. I never was in the black. Ever.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

There’s one thing that I overheard early on in one of our training sessions. Our Crown Princess had brought in a couple of Crown Princesses from other areas to “teach” us. They were standing in the back of the room. One of the Crown Princesses was overheard to say that “Eighty percent of the women in this room will never make it, because they are not pretty enough or skinny enough, and we all know that is what sells beauty products”. They all laughed, then one of the other ones said, “They don’t have to be successful, they just have to place orders”.

I later asked my Crown Princess about this, and she said “Well, really no-one is going to buy beauty products from an unattractive woman”. And I said, “So, where do you think I fit in this business?” And she said “Are you selling anything? If not, there is your answer.”

So, my advice to SeneGence and the founder Joni is to market to all women. Beautiful, secure in your own skin, skinny, fat, young, old, mom, or never plan on having kids — we are all strong women who deserve good skin care and makeup no matter what we look like or our body type or how much we weigh. We all matter.

That is when I stopped going to the training meetings. I am overweight, and I love makeup. Fat middle aged women want to look good too.

I still have about $1,000 on the credit card, but I have sold everything that I won’t ever use. I have kept all the old LipSense colors and eye shadows that I like, so I am set for the next few years.

I have been out of SeneGence for a year now, and my old upline still contacts me and tries to get me to sign up again, cause she knows I “have what it takes to make it big”. Apparently I just have to believe in myself and go for it, and she will help me more than she ever did before, as she has more time to devote to me now (because now she only has five distributors in her downline, not fifty).

Yeah, like I am going to fall for that again …

Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with us, Madison, and sharing your experiences.

 *Names have been changed


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  1. I am a LipSense distributor, and I feel like they have changed so much for the better. This year alone they redesigned the website, the packaging, created a virtual app and made it easier for us “old distributors” to succeed with lowering costs, free shipping on orders, new kit options, and much more. I have sold to over 30 states and have only had one return/exchange. I think we all have different experiences in the working world, and we all work it differently. I was treated sooooo well at seminar this year. My first seminar ever and I was lost, my flight was delayed 5 hours, I missed my husband and son, I had no place to stay and I missed the tour…. A few ladies noticed I had tears in my eyes and huddled around me. they told me to stay positive that the fun was just beginning. they offered me to stay with them for free. I ended up staying with a random senesister that lived not to far, but couldn’t make it to seminar. She was so kind to let a stranger in and stay with her family. The next day, those ladies that cried with me in the hall were on the big stage. they were a few of the record breaking leaders. I was shocked. They were so humble and kind to me. I am so grateful for this company.
    I did meet some ladies that had a bad attitude, and like every work place…. there are those type of people. don’t let them get you down, shine through. Be humble and kind and work hard. You will find yourself at the top!

    1. Were glad to hear that you’re having a positive experience, Leah. But it isn’t the case for many distributors, and not because they have egotistical personalities, didn’t work hard, or have a ‘bad attitude’. The so-called ‘bad attitude’ typically develops over time, because of problems encountered with the company, and the impossibility (for most) in actually developing a successful business in the MLM model. We all worked hard to make it work, but the business model is essentially flawed, and is unlikely to work for most.

    2. There are people everywhere that see someone upset and will see if they are ok, the top leaders are purely the women who joined at the right time and took advantage of a viral video that created the explosion, they are also the women who lied about oos. Yes after many years of being charged $300 for a crappy website they have created a lovely one and slashed the price to $99, or how they took away fast starts, gave jump start but are now bringing in fast starts for 3 months again, too bad if you joined before May 18, clearly you’re new and I wish you luck and hope you’re not like approx 50,000 women who have had to sell stock at 50% off to recoup costs from a product that doesn’t always sell.

  2. I am sorry for all the women who have felt pressured into buying products and I know that this happens in ANY industry not just in MLM’s and there are many false accusations about MLM’s. I am a SeneGence distributor and I signed up over 2 years ago. I was in no way pressured to sign up OR to purchase anything. I was in a Facebook party and decided for myself I wanted to try some LipSense out and see what I thought. I wanted all the colors after that so I signed up to get a discount and then I decided, on my own accord, to sell enough to get my products for free. I have NEVER pressured anyone to buy or to sign up. I have suggested it to people or just suggested products I think would be beneficial to them.

    As far as feeling pressured into buying or signing up, you will come across women or men that are excellent sales people in ANY industry not just MLM’s that are very persuasive! I have almost been persuaded many times at a makeup counter in big department stores by women who are very good at selling. Ultimately though, we are all responsible for our own actions and should not blame people for the decisions we make, such as buying $1000 worth of product that you didn’t want in the first place. Buyers remorse is our own fault because we make our decisions. A lot of people are good at selling but, in the end, no one can make you buy their product. You decide to buy it!

    Another thing is that if you have stock that you want to be gone and you want to be done selling then SeneGence will buy it back. So the people who are not following the rules and selling items below the 15% discount that SeneGence asks distributors to abide by then you are actually making it difficult on the ones who follow the rules. If you have stock to sell then advertise a discount of 15% and put a little work into it for goodness sake! If you signed up to sell then treat it like a regular 9-5 job that you go to every day and set rules for yourself. Make a schedule, set up demos and parties, reach out to people without being pushy and offer for them to try out the products! Get creative, people and remember that you signed up and purchased the product, no one forced you to hand over your credit card! If you don’t want to do things then don’t do them, it’s that simple!
    Don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings by saying no because sales people are used to it on a daily basis and should almost expect it.
    It simply boils down to you having self control over your own life and what you purchase. Take the blame for your own decisions and stop pushing it off on other people.

    1. Danelle, I’m not at all sure the accusations about the way MLM operates is inaccurate. You are reporting it from your particular experience, which of course is valid but I would dispute your assertions based on observing the behaviours and manipulation of individuals by MLMs such as SenGence over a number of years. Normally I’d agree that we are all responsible for the choices we make but in the case of MLM I don’t agree. People make decisions about how deeply they go in based on what they are told are the potential financial and social benefits. They are not told that they are entering a system where more than 99% of participants lose money. They are not told that they are entering a recruitment business. I’ve met many many ex distributors who feel tricked into signing up or buying inventory. They’re not stupid people but they have been manipulated and this is a very common occurrence from what we have seen. No one advised her that she didn’t need to spend so much money – no, the SenGence distributor took her money and ran. Let’s not blame the victim here.

      1. @TheNakedTypist I agree with you %. I have been apart of 2 MLM companies and wasn’t happy with either of them. The first was Mary Kay and I regretted it almost instantly, as they had told me I’d have a huge support system but as soon as I joined I was thrown out on my own, and I lived in a pretty small town where there were 4 other Mary Kay sales ladies. I am glad I realized how bad it was before I put any money into the company, well, other than the $150ish I paid to join the company. However, I joined paparazzi and that was a totally different kind of messed up company. I was told about all the money people make selling the jewelry, but they neglected to tell me that making 6-7 figures isn’t the normal range. I was originally working part time and selling the jewelry when I wasn’t working and then lost my job so I started selling it full time. Even spending all the time I did on it, I wasn’t making nearly what I was “promised”. On top of that, I felt like I had to place an order every day when the new pieces came out or my customers would go elsewhere. My upline(s) (the ones making 6-7 figures a month/ year) were always having “contests”/giving out prizes for people that placed an order of so many pieces, sold so many pieces, monthly long ordering challenges, etc…I was spending most of the money I was making at my job as well as the money I was making seeking the pieces in order for a “chance to win” a laptop, iPad, label maker, etc…They definitely made it sound good to get me to join and then I quickly was thrown into the “lions den”. I am now selling what pieces I have left (about $30,000 in inventory) for wayyyy less than I paid for them so I can get some of my money back. I tried selling the pieces for what I paid but no one was buying so I had to go down when more! It really sucks, but I guess I learned a valuable lesson and won’t make that mistake again. If I do join any MLM companies in the future I’ll make sure to do my own research and stick to my guns!

  3. I’m a lowly distributor who lives in a very rural tiny community. I have some sales, but not many, certainly not enough to earn me money. I’m in it for the discount for myself, the sales are just a bonus that sometimes is enough for me to get a freebie or two! I have never felt pressured to join or to sell more. I just love the products that I’ve tried and bought. However, the release of new products is overwhelming! The ones that can afford to spend $1000 every week are getting all the new products in huge bulk amounts (like ordering 20 sets of a new product/collection), and us measly little distributors can’t even get hold of one, unless we utilize the going out of business sites and order from active distributors at a discount! Those are some of the ladies who are buying huge quantities. I’ve brought up the issue with SeneGence and suggested a limit of 10 per person so it can be spread around. Also, if you buy for yourself, and aren’t satisfied with a product, you can’t return it, you can’t RMA it unless it is damaged, even though we are told when we sell to a customer that we offer a money-back guarantee for whatever reason! So I’m stuck with some products that I hate trying to apply as they are difficult to apply/streak very bad, so I’m going to create some new colors and see what happens! Not too bad if you’re only in it for the discount, but unless you live in a huge area and own your own boutique/salon and sell out of it as well, you just can’t make money.

    1. I just bought the $295.00 kit. I also live in small town. If I don’t sell enough will they charge me more for the kit or want me to return it?

  4. I’m loving how the ‘distributors’ are all coming to the defense of the MLM horror. Just shows how brainwashed they really are.

    I’m sorry you had to go through anything like that. I’m glad you got out, learned a lesson and are trying to warn others.

    1. We aren’t brainwashed. We asked questions before we signed up. I was burned once before over 10 years ago and signed up with Senegence 2 months ago. I’ve never had this much fun being a distributor before. Everyone has either a bad or good experience with MLMs. Most bad experiences seemed to have come from the Mary Kay world where me and other Senegence sellers once tried and it was awful. The pressure is real! But not all are like that. And unless you’ve actually been a part of it, good and bad, you really can’t say anything about it. I hate that this happens, but it’s the people, not the company, who are pushy.

      1. You’re absolutely right Stephanie. It is the people who are being pushy, not the company. I signed up a little over a year ago and have never been pressured into doing anything. My upline asked me what my goals were and respected that I wasn’t going to “push” the product or the business. In fact, even the online training will show you what you can achieve but also stresses to invest in stock with your profits. The company stresses that they don’t want you to go into debt. I love love love the products and do this (mainly) for the discount because I’ve seen results with their stuff. And at age 64, that’s huge! So far, I’ve only had 2 returns and the company sent me a brand new product to replace it so that I could sell it and recoup my money. One of those returns was from an online order and Senegence actually took care of the whole thing for me. I guess that this business is like any other, with a mix of the good with the greedy. It’s a shame Madison went through all of that and I wish her every success in whatever she decides to do.

    2. I’m a 62 year old SeneGence distributor and have been with the company for 4 years. I’m in a group of other “over 55” distributors, who couldn’t be happier with the products and company. I’m not “brainwashed”…I just know what I like. None of us are living under the delusion that we’re going to be millionaires or even ever reach Crown Princess status. None of us feel “pushed” or “coerced” into buying more than we need or “recruiting” new distributors. Maybe it’s our age and life experience that keeps us from blaming others for our decisions or “lack of success” in the business. All I know is that I do my best with what I have to work with. If it works out…Great! If it doesn’t…that’s OK too. Some things are “meant to be”…and some things aren’t. I will ALWAYS use the entire line of SeneGence products, whether I’m a distributor or not.

  5. I must say that this article is so off base. This sour apple trekking her “ story” will not spoil this business for the rest of us but I think it is harmful to so many of us who work our business and are genuinely helping people’s skin look better and making our lives more meaningful. Our company is caring, not pushy, open to suggestions & listens to its distributors. It’s the best decision I ever made besides having children. I’m for the FIRST TIME EVER feeling financially free to pay bills on time and help me children go to college. The makeup business is HUGE AND WE ARE TOO!! Laughing all the way to the bank.
    Please consider giving SeneGence a chance! My distributor number is [redacted]; feel free to sign up under me and see for yourself.

  6. I feel like this happened to me with Mary Kay. I joined when I was a new mother with no job and was pressured to buy inventory. I signed up for a credit card with a $5,000 limit and purchased $3,000 in ‘inventory.’ Needless to say, I didn’t go very far and this experience put a sour taste in my mouth. I just signed up with Senegence this year (after using their skin care and makeup line for almost a year) and I was never pressured to do any of the above. I promised myself I would never be a distributor again, but here I am and I’m actually making money because I’m working my business the way I want to, not the way my upline wants me to. I’ve had nothing but support from everyone I work with. No pressure to have inventory…nothing like that at all. Some people are just pushy and money driven. Just like there are some MK folks who are nice and don’t pressure people, it’s the same with Senegence or any MLM. I have never had so much fun selling makeup before, and I actually have more of a following than I ever did with MK. Also, this is a JOB. So if you want to make money, of course, you’re going to have to do some work. People aren’t just going to flock to you because you sell this amazing makeup..which, this stuff is better than any MK product I’ve ever used. I will never pressure anyone to do anything they aren’t comfortable doing. Will I make posts and tell people about my experience? Absolutely! But shame on any distributor that sees everyone as a dollar sign rather than an actual person. I don’t want you to join me unless you are absolutely sure and I’ve told you all of the FACTS! And when you do join, I will support you with whatever you choose to do with your business. I feel horrible for all who have had a bad experience…but most of us truly do love the makeup. And we are passionate about what we do. And it took me over 10 years to get over the sour taste in my mouth because of MK. I still get pressured from someone who sells MK and I’ve even told her I’m a distributor for another company…it’s insane you guys. But it’s all about that person…not necessarily the company.

  7. I’ve been in the MLM industry since 1984 when my brothers, and a couple sisters joined A.L.Williams, which Is now called Primerica. I left because life Insurance wasn’t really my thing. My brothers however became million dollar earners, and when one died of cancer, left his wife, and daughters enough money to be comfortable. It was a lot of hard work btw…
    I tried finding my own Path, and tried several MLMs, Direct Sales, even pryamid schemes. I was never pressured, because I don’t allow people to do that to me. Nor would I do that to anybody else. It was my fault for getting involved with Travel pyramid schemes because I like to travel, but after going through not getting money I earned because of the federal trade commission closing it down, and the founders going to prison for fraud, I learned my lesson to research each company before even joining. I’ve joined Several cosmetics companies with products that I’m highly allergic to, another lesson learned.
    I’ve also joined a company that had great products, I sold a lot of, I carried stock to sell at events, I’ve researched this start up, the founders/designers were legit, but the mistake I made was to join a company that is not debt free. Basically shut down because they went bankrupt. Left me with 3000.00 worth of stock. I’m not blaming anyone else but myself because I didn’t have to have stock because people can just order through my website. Again no one pressured me to do anything, I did it myself. My choice….after all I went through I said I’m never joining anymore startups, mlms, or direct sales companies. When people heard I’m no longer in the industry, I had every distributor of every company after me. I would constantly say “no thank you!”…no pressure at all.
    In my 50s, plus I don’t really want to work, I like my routine of visiting the spa, and having high tea with friends.
    But a friend invited me to a LipSense party because she noticed I like wearing makeup, have bold colored hair, etc…Then
    I remembered back in the 90s I sold LipSense at the day spa I managed. I didn’t like any because I thought they were old lady colors. At that time there was only 6 colors, and glossy.
    At the party I was attending in 2016, there was nothing I would wear except BlackBerry. I was actually wearing a blue lipstick by Kat Von D at the party, and I showed the rep the colors I wear. MAC lipstick in lime, yellow, orange, Kat Von D Lipstick in blue, green, and black.
    So I did like blackberry and electric tangerine in LipSense. No one pressured me because they all knew they didn’t have what I wear. However I know the LipSense is a good product, so I actually purchased Cranberry because it looked good on me.
    When I wore the color out, and showed several women my lips, and the benefits, they all wanted to purchase. Then it got me thinking. Why would I send my friends and family to someone I don’t know to purchase LipSense, when they just can get some from me. So two days after the party…I signed up! I took orders, got 50% off, and was able to purchase a few testers without spending a thing except the 55.00 sign up fee. Again this was all my choice.
    Four years later, we have every wild, bold color I would wear, I don’t need to have testers because we have a virtual app to see how the colors look like, I don’t have to carry stock because people can just order via my website.
    Only reason why I carried stock in the past was because I sold at the State Fair. As far as having a downline, I didn’t try to have one, people just asked if they could sign up under me, I also have former reps quit, then contact me if they can join my team. I never pressured my downline to carry stock, or order. I’ve only encouraged them to make sure to order their 200.00 retail every 6 months to stay active. One of my friends does not have time to support a downline, but she sells a lot of product because she sells to several
    Dance companies. You do your business the way you want it to be. No, I’m
    Not thin, I’m not gorgeous, but I’m successful in my eyes. I don’t whine about OOS, I don’t complain about the company. I’ve never paid for a mi they Senegence training, I’ve paid for PIT, and Seminar.
    One thing I will say about Senegence…it’s debt free!
    Btw…I’ve met Joni several times, and she always remembered me, and I’m a lowly distributor. I’ve met Alan, spoke to him a couple of times, and he’s the most down to earth young man I’ve ever met. He really wants to help his mom in the business.
    So all the ranting I’ve seen about this company, I feel sorry for the wrong choices you made. Just let it be a lesson learned, move on, and stop bad mouthing a company that you made the choice in joining. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.

    1. Thanx Jess* It’s great to read others actually “representing” SeneGence, rather than trying to tear it down because of their own bad choices ♡

  8. I’m currently a Senegence Distributor and my experience has been almost identical to this! I just wanted to buy products at a discount and I’ve been pushed into buying more than I want and getting more ladies to sign up. I really like the eyeshadows, but I think I have a skin reaction to the LipSense. My lips peeled and the LipSense will flake and lift off my lips. I read that this happens at the beginning, but it has continued for almost a year. I’m ready to get out of the cult. I haven’t stored up products so I think I will just use up what I have and move on. Thanks for your honest article.

  9. Well, someone got rich off of this product and her name is Joni Rogers-Kante. She is selling her mansion in Orange County, California for a mere $50 million! There are pictures on the internet of this fabulous place, furnished like you wouldn’t believe. Lake-size pool, outdoor kitchen, theater room, etc., etc. I didn’t know if I was allowed to post a link, but anyone interested can do a search. A rule of thumb in business is don’t use your time to make someone else rich, which is exactly what these women are doing. How many of you have a $50 million mansion? Many years ago I was working a “good” job, but I was doing 80% of the work, and my boss was reaping 90% of the profits. Quit, went to work for myself where I got 100% of the profits, and never looked back. It’s YOUR time you are spending, and she has a $50 million mansion.

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