Elle Beau’s Younique Roundup

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To kick off our resource of Younique information, here is a roundup of coalition member Elle Beau‘s previous articles from 2017 – and a selection from her #TeamPoonique comrades, Maz Carrah and ApportionedMembrane.

Elle’s #Poonique Story

This 15-chapter story recounts Elle’s time as a Yellow Status Younique presenter, and discusses the deception and delusions that go on behind the scenes. From the “fake it til you make it” mentality, to the daily training and tasks set by the uplines, Elle’s story hopes to bring a degree of understanding for those inside and outside of the MLM world.

After Thoughts

  • Epilogue 01 – “When Your Partner is in a MLM” – A Few Words from James
  • Epilogue 02 – Whatever Became of Marisol?
  • Epilogue 03 – An Interview with “Scarlett”
  • Epilogue 04 – An Interview with “Kerri” 

P.S. Elle didn’t coin the term #Pooniquethis lady did

The Younique Foundation & Haven Retreat

A topic that has caused a shedload of controversy and questions, Elle has worked with other anti-MLM writers such as Maz Carrah and ApportionedMembrane to deconstruct the nonsense surrounding this ‘charity’. 

The Younique Effect

A collection of opinion pieces and observations on MLM behaviour.

Better Than MLM

Elle and Maz Carrah share their opinion of Younique products, or take a look at alternative products to MLM (ones that provide more product and quality for your money).

Coalition member Elle Beau can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@ellebeaublog), Reddit and Instagram.



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