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Our coalition member Elle Beau has featured on an episode of That’s a Cult? Podcasts, run by Manchester-based journalist, Helen McCarthy.

Each episode is about groups of people on the internet and why they connect with each other. It’s also about how these groups could sometimes – even just a little bit – be compared to cults. For Episode 2, Helen was keen to investigate MLM schemes.

That's a Cult

Helen wanted to present as balanced a view as possible on MLMs, and approached various members of the MLM and anti-MLM communities.

As well as Elle drawing on her experiences from her #Poonique tale, you will also hear from our ally John Evans of Juice Plus / MLM Lies Exposed, JeromeThe Finance Guy‘ and of course those in the pro-MLM community, including a serial-MLMer, and one with a downline of over 20 people.

Helen also scoured the people of Reddit, and found a gentleman who gave his viewpoint of the law of attraction.

You can find the podcasts at the links below:

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Listen to Episode 2 of That’s a Cult? Podcast on iTunes
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Listen to Episode 2 of That’s a Cult? Podcast on Soundcloud

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Episode 2 of That’s a Cult? Podcast coming soon to Spotify – stay tuned.


Keep up to date with That’s a Cult? Podcasts on their website, or follow @thatsacult on Twitter.

You can also connect with Helen McCarthy on Twitter by following @helenlmccarthy.

Coalition member Elle Beau can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@ellebeaublog), Reddit and Instagram.


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