Jessi’s Arbonne Escapade – My MLM Experience

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Elle Beau
[Elle:] In an article originally shared on my own website, UK-based Jessi* has asked for her Arbonne experience to be shared with you all.

*All names and identifying features have been changed at the author’s request, to protect the individuals concerned.

Before reading Jessi’s story, please remind yourself that all views presented in this blog are as told to us by the authors, and simply reflect their own opinions. Your own personal experiences with MLM companies may differ, negatively or positively.

A friend I had worked with years ago (Aspen) got in touch asking to meet up for a catch-up as it had been a while (this wasn’t unusual as we were good friends, but general uselessness meant we’d only get round to seeing each other once or twice a year). I’d just moved to a new area and I was keen to reconnect with old friends, as previously I’d been living quite far away.

We met up, we chatted, and she thumbed into the conversation the “new business opportunity” she’d become involved with – a cosmetics company that I’d never heard of, called Arbonne …

Find out what happens to Jessi here.

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