Della’s Avon Tribulations – My MLM Experience

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Elle Beau[Elle:] In an article originally shared on my own website, UK-based follower Della* has asked for her Avon story to be shared with you all. Now, Avon has established itself as a household name, and its perceived as “the teddy-bear of MLMs”, so it will be interesting to hear her story.

*All names and identifying features have been changed at the author’s request, to protect the individuals concerned.

Before reading Della’s story, please remind yourself that all views presented in this blog are as told to us by the authors, and simply reflect their own opinions. Your own personal experiences with MLM companies may differ, negatively or positively.

[Delia] This all happened back in 2010. I decided to be an “Avon Lady” to help my depression and to help me get out the house (after losing my job 2 years earlier when I became disabled).

I signed up as a representative, and got my mum’s shopping trolley (one of those 2-wheel pull along things) to help me carry books and orders, as I had to use a walking stick to help me get about.

My housing estate was fairly new, and I was told there was no Avon rep officially operating my area. There was a woman called Angie operating in our area unofficially, but she didn’t actually live on our estate – she was only doing so because her daughter lived here, and apparently the daughter wasn’t eligible to do Avon herself.

My upline Sales Leader, Bettina, (yes, there are uplines in Avon) told me that she “would tell Angie the area was mine, and that she should stick to her own area that she was given, not to do both.

Find out what happens to Delia here.

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