In need of an alternative/extra income that’s not MLM?

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This post explores help available for people needing a bit of extra money or an alternative income. I have not received any payments from any of these companies for promoting them, neither have I personally tried all these methods of earning money. I have just trawled the internet for ideas and put them together here. Hopefully they might serve as a starting point for you to search more thoroughly and come to your own conclusions on what is best for your circumstances. If you would like to see something here that I have missed, please drop me a message. If you think any of these links are not what they seem or might be dodgy, please let me know so I can delete the link. I don’t want people being scammed.

We advise you to avoid any companies that are Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes. 99% of people in these schemes lose money. 90% leave within a year. They seem legitimate but are not. If a company seems to be offering a nice way of earning money from home, google the name of it, followed by ‘MLM’. If you get lots of results, stop searching and try another company. Seriously, don’t even be tempted. If you see people saying ‘It’s legal, it’s not a pyramid scheme’, it will be a pyramid scheme or as close to it that the definition doesn’t matter. If you are considering joining an MLM, have a look here first and assess the scheme.

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